There’s a million fish in the sea or that’s how the saying goes but how do you catch the right one for you? You’ve done the bar scene and the online dating thing but you just can’t seem to find someone that you connect with? Well maybe you are looking in the wrong places! Here are# of unique places to meet potential dating partners:

  1. Art Openings or Exhibits: You’d be surprised at how many art openings there are in you city even if you live in or near a smaller city. Many art openings attract a lot of college students and young professionals looking for art to purchase or just admiring it. Many openings also include food and wine so if all else fails and you don’t meet anyone you can still enjoy the benefits of the opening.
  2. Coffee Shop: Bring your computer, a book, or just yourself and indulge in a nice cup of coffee and a muffin. Many singles head to coffee shops just to get out of the house. You should too! Coffee shops are no longer just a place to get a cup of java, many have live entertainment, gourmet food and desserts and free Wi-Fi. If the coffee shop is particularly full that day, find someone you think you might connect with and if they are sitting alone, ask if you can share their table. The worst thing they could say is no.
  3. Library: Remember those places that have all the books on shelves and you have to be quiet? Well libraries could be a great place to meet someone. See someone holding a book you have read? Tell them what you thought. See someone looking at a magazine you read regularly ask if they saw a particular article or if they read it often. Libraries also hold many events so check out their event calendar for talks, movie nights, and seminars that might interest you.
  4. Dog Parks and Parks in General: If you have a dog, take it to the park or a dog park. Guys, hear me out, girls love guys with dogs. And ladies, boys love it when a girl has a big slobbery dog. Parks are a great place to meet someone. You could just be out there with a book and a sandwich or doing something more active like running, hiking, or playing disc golf. So get out of the house and hit up your local park or dog park.
  5. Wine Tasting: Across the country wine bars and specialty wine stores have been springing up and these are great places to meet someone. Many of these places have weekly and/or daily wine tastings. Wine has become very popular in the recent years with the 20 somethings so it’s a great place especially for guys to find that perfect girl. A lot of ladies will have their girl’s nights at wine tastings but don’t let a big group of ladies scare you. Again, if they aren’t interested they will let you know and then just let them be. So find a single friend and drag them along with you and enjoy some wine while possibly meeting the love of your life.
So if you’re fed up with you’re local dating scene go and ahead and try someplace new. Remember don’t be afraid to approach people, you’ll never meet someone if you don’t talk to them, so put your fear and ego aside and go have fun. Dating should be fun so make sure you make it that way.

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