Babies, rings, houses, weddings.  Has anyone noticed that this is all that your friends talk about?  They discuss on Facebook, on the phone, in emails, even to themselves in random mumbles?

I am not one of those girls that has any of this on my mind.  At one time I did but that faded as the relationship disappeared and my mind has been back on those terms since and I am more than ok with that.  So why are there these subsets of women that can’t wait for the lovely I do’s and those women who have little desire for white dresses and life long “happiness”?

I dated a guy for a while who was going through a rough patch and for some reason all he could talk about was happiness.  Is happiness only found within a relationship?  He seemed to think so and he seemed to think that was the only way I would find happiness as well.  I pondered this theory for sometime, this relationship=happiness.  I can see where there could be moments of happiness but the laughter, the snuggling and long romantic evenings but then there are the lies, secrets and general crabbiness that we all experience.  I’m not sure if relationship=happiness or if relationship=comfort.  There’s a difference, you know.  It’s comforting knowing someone is there, not happy.

So I pondered this theory for days after we decided that we were better meant as friends then a couple and we set off on our separate ways to find our own means of happiness.  He found his relationship and I found that what truly makes me happy is family, friends, and the chance to make my own choices without worrying about another person in my life.  There’s lazy Saturday mornings with good books, Sunday brunches with family and friends, Tuesday night walks after work in the park and snuggly Friday nights with a movie, a big bowl of popcorn and big ole fluff ball of a kitty.

So for all those single girls (and guys) out there thinking that a relationship is the only thing that makes them happy, sit down and really think about happiness.  A relationship can be part of it, but it is not equivalent to it.  Sit down and make a list and you’ll be surprised about the things that truly make you happy, yes, there are those …sigh moments of love but the world has so much more to offer and I am deciding here and now to run right into the middle of it and experience it an open heart and a smile on my face.  Cheers to you world, I diving in!

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