So you’re drunk at a bar and you meet a cute guy/girl and next thing you know you wake up in their and have no idea what their name is… awkward.  Welcome to the 20 somethings.  So the one night stand has some epic tales, you can read about them on sites like Texts From Last Night and although the stories are hilarious when they aren’t you, what do you do when you wake up in someone’s bed, have no idea where you are, no idea who is sleeping next to you and are butt ass naked?  

Well my sexually active friend, there are many things you can do to try to figure out their name, where you are and where your underwear are as well.  Let me enlighten you on some of your options but I will issue a warning, none are easy and some you may get arrested so just keep that in mind.

Just ask: so you may look like a douche but you did just bump nastys with them so you should probably just know their name.  Note: phone number is optional

Ask if they remember your name first:  This can most definitely backfire on you BUT it can also create win situation on your behave. But be warned… they may ask “well do you know mine?” and if this does occur pull the 5th grade, “I asked you first” trick and they should back down.

Facebook: Oh Face to the Book…the best stalking website ever. Was this rando a friend of a friend? Facebook the friend and most likely you’ll be able to find them.  If they happen to be in a class with one of your friends, they just might be their Facebook friend. Or if you happen to just think you remember their name, you might just be able to find them on the Facebook.

Google Talk: Did you get the digits but don’t want to call them for your phone? Google Chat has this amazing feature where you can call from your computer to anywhere in the US for free throughout 2011.  The number comes up on caller ID as a California number and when you return the call, it says the call can not completed.  Um… perfect.  This way you can call and hopefully listen to their voicemail. Just make sure that your microphone is off in case they do answer.  You don’t want them to hear you.

Have a friend call: You want to have someone call of the same sex as your rando.  Have them ask for someone else and when they say it’s the wrong number, ask them who they are talking to.  This method is a surefire way to get their name.  Texting is also an option.

So this are just some simple options to find out the name of your one night stand but in the end, if you’re never going to talk to that person again, then who cares what their name is?  In the end, don’t be ashamed you don’t remember their name, it happens. Just go with the flow and act natural. You probably won’t even care in about a week anyways.  So go out and have fun and if you happen to have the name people, never you fear, just remember these few steps and all will be okay. 

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